My area of expertise

Digital is the world around us. Marketing is still about people and not about channels and technology. So what does it mean to be a "digital consultant"? How do we explain our value proposition to those around us who might be confused? Here's how I describe my area of expertise...

How to make a shortlist

You can easily end up with hundreds even thousands of keywords when you do keyword research for your website. How do you decide which ones to use for your site?

I will not go into the technical aspects of keyword research too much. I am going to try and explain the principles to you in what I hope is an easy to understand way.

Fans are priceless

As Facebook is a social platform I believe we should first and foremost focus on how being a fan of a (brand) page impacts on attitude and brand equity. Most companies have Facebook pages now, so instinctively we must all know that having such a page somehow increases engagement and improves brand equity.

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