How to determine a media budget

Digital media budgets often get set without prior knowledge of what you can expect in return for this spend.

So lets assume that you have identified in your digital strategy that Google Adwords is one of your digital activities this year. You know you’ll be paying a management fee and these are normally very easy to get quotes for from various suppliers.  Contact us if you need help finding the right one for you) 

But how much to spend on media?  We have developed a simple tool for you to use.

Typically its best to work your numbers backwards. We have made it simple for you in the below image.

Digital media budget tool

Learn how to set the correct media budget
Learn how to set the correct media budget

Or download this PDF and share it in your office: How to determine your media budget

If you don’t yet have conversion data available, a proof of concept campaign could help you greatly. Just run for 3 months until you have the valuable data you need to allocate your budget with confidence for the rest of the year.




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