Traffic Act has upgraded

The business started out as a Partnership, then operated as a Sole Trader for a while but now Traffic Act is now a propriety limited company. With a constantly changing landscape, there have been several iterations of our services but we still are your go-to place for digital marketing strategy. Get clear on the role of digital in your business.

Who do you reach in social?

"Don’t count who you reach, but reach those who count”. I am sure you have read it all before. I know I have, and yet we have managed to turn the internet into a world full of useless connections simply because we feel better about ourselves if we have lots of fans or followers.

World going Gaga

The world is going nuts over Lady Gaga. She has 10MM followers on twitter and I am not one of them. Am I missing out? I am notoriously disinterested in singers and actors, but I am crazy about digital and social, so I cannot possibly ignore Lady Gaga. Can I?

RFID technology

I saw an exciting example of RFID technology today. Renault created an opportunity for visitors of the "auto RAI" in Amsterdam to share their offline experience directly with their online friends.

Value of directories

Is it still worth the insane amount of effort to submit your website to large numbers of directories to improve your SEO rankings, or is there a better way? SEO is more about valuable content these days.

My area of expertise

Digital is the world around us. Marketing is still about people and not about channels and technology. So what does it mean to be a "digital consultant"? How do we explain our value proposition to those around us who might be confused? Here's how I describe my area of expertise...

How to make a shortlist

You can easily end up with hundreds even thousands of keywords when you do keyword research for your website. How do you decide which ones to use for your site? I will not go into the technical aspects of keyword research too much. I am going to try and explain the principles to you in what I hope is an easy to understand way.