My area of expertise

I am part of a networking group and this morning I learned a very valuable lesson.  I always introduce myself as a Digital Consultant and I assume everybody understands what I do.

As a group member one does not have exclusive rights to a project in your area of expertise, but in the spirit of the group we would recommend each other or offer the opportunity to pitch.

But what exactly is my area of expertise? To me it seems crystal clear. But I work in a bubble of  only like-minded digital marketing people who all (also) talk about socialisation, gamification, participation platforms, Paid-Owned-Earned, engagement per user,  SEO,  DSPs blablabla. Someone who does not understand any of that introduced me last week to someone else as “someone who does website stuff”. This person was my mother-in-law so I dismissed this lack of understanding about what I do as an inevitable generational  gap. But when I found a direct competitor pitching to my networking group this morning I  initially felt a little hurt. This competitor was offering services to the rest of the group which are all “my area of expertise”. The facilitator of the group is a great bloke and I could not imagine he would have knowingly invited a competitor to come and speak on digital. I realised my mother-in-law was not the only one who does not understand my “area of expertise”.

There then was my  explanation. I had not been clear on the “stuff” I do. I refer to myself a Digital Consultant. But what the hell is “digital”? Its too broad a term and actually refers to a channel or sometimes the new technologies we use.

To me digital means engagement, conversions, measurements, socialising and mobile. Mmm, how are you to know? So let me explain what it is that I do. When would you call me?

In simple terms? You’d call me if you needed to clear the mist around the role of digital in your business. I would first work with you on your communications strategy, target audience identification etc, so we can ascertain how and where best to connect and engage with your consumers. The “how” and “where” could be via email, social, website, google, or mobile. I could ensure you are using your assets  in the best possible way and help you get; higher engagement, more visibility, more conversions, more traffic and insightful measurements and analytics.

Glad we got that cleared up 🙂


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