Empty SEO promises in your inbox

We all get them. (un)targeted emails from a vast array of globally operating agencies who promise you the world when it comes to getting you on the first page of google.

Your business could soar. In fact, they may have already done an analysis on your website and have (surprisingly) identified that you need a l.o.t of help. From them.

You don’t understand this whole google thing very well and you could do with an uplift in business. You wonder if you should give them a call…… read more

Value of directories

Is it still worth the insane amount of effort to submit your website to large numbers of directories to improve your SEO rankings, or is there a better way? SEO is more about valuable content these days.

How to make a shortlist

You can easily end up with hundreds even thousands of keywords when you do keyword research for your website. How do you decide which ones to use for your site?

I will not go into the technical aspects of keyword research too much. I am going to try and explain the principles to you in what I hope is an easy to understand way.

Search engine saturation

A page that has not been indexed by a search engine will be pretty hard to find. Search Engine Saturation is a gauge of how many of your pages have been indexed, and therefore is an indication of how well your SEM efforts are going.

Who do you need to involve in a new website project?

Several people need to come together to build a website. It is not a good idea to ring the SEO after the site is finished and ask to put the finishing touch on by achieving a number 1 ranking on Google.... the groundwork needs to be in place and the Marketer, SEO, Designer, Developer and Security person all need to come together to create a successful website.

SEO and business template websites

Many large companies, franchisees and multi-level marketers choose to set up their websites using standard business templates. But often soon they will begin to wonder why the sales are not flooding in, and why people do not seem to be able to find their sites.

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