Free Google Advertising?

How to use your free Google Ad

Google Adwords may not be free, but there is another opportunity to advertise on Google and it’s actually free. Roughly 75% of people click on the organic search results. If you could advertise on the organic listing – would you do it?

You can…

When your customer finds you on the organic search result pages he will first read your ‘ad’. Your ‘ad’ is your meta description of that page.

Each page is different and needs its own meta description. Consider it your Call to Action, your opportunity to sell your page in a few words.

Meta Descriptions & SEO

Search engines may no longer use the Meta Description Tags to determine rankings, so stuffing this tag with keywords is not helpful at all. What you should do instead is capatilise on the opportunity the tag gives you to sell yourself to your customer.

Writing a good meta description

Now that you know the meta description is like your free ad on google, you must make sure it will be an ad that sells. Make sure you follow these guidelines when you write your free Google ad;

  1. use up to 160 characters
  2. describe what that page is really about (make it short en enticing)
  3. make it a call to action – encourage people to click on it (think.. why would I click on this?)
  4. make sure its relevant to the search query and use relevant keywords in the text

Good luck writing your free google ad.


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