SEO and business template websites

Many large companies, franchisees and multi level marketers choose to set up their websites using standard business templates.

Dictating templates is mostly done by businesses or marketers to make life easier for the franchisee or other departments. A uniform design can be presented to the market place and the corporate image can be protected and controlled.

A lot of work goes into designing the business templates and the text that should be chosen to align with the corporate image and profile. After having spent a considerable amount on a template that will protect the corporate image as well as give e.g. franchisees a simple tool to work with, the complaints start to come in. The websites or pages are not converting any visitors or worse, are not even visible on the search engines.

Why is that?

Web Templates and SEO

If a standard business template would only provide a template for structure and design there would be no ranking issues. However, more often than not, the template also dictates content, which does not allow for unique and keyword rich content.

If all template pages were then also hosted on the same root domain, e.g. ;

etc etc. you become the perfect point in case for duplicate content.

Duplicate content

Having duplicate content is the best way to have your pages moved to the supplemental index which means you become very difficult to find on the search engines. Read more about duplicate content here.

SEO 101

What will get you rankings? SEO 101 list three very simple and irrefutable steps;

  1. quality content
  2. keyword rich content
  3. unique content

Business templates dictating content

So if the content is prescribed by “the business” and ends up being very similar on every page… you are not meeting the above criteria to help the rankings of your own page.

So the best way to achieve rankings and visibility on the search engine is to;

  1. have your own domain name (read more about choosing the right domain name)
  2. create your own KEYWORD RICH content

Good luck!


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