Who owns Social Media?

Before you decide to enter into the social media arena for your brand, you first need to reach internal agreement about who is going to ‘own’ it. It’s highly likely there will be several departments in your company, who all feel that social media belongs to them. In fact, they may all have already started their own initiatives, without consulting each other.

Who do you reach in social?

"Don’t count who you reach, but reach those who count”. I am sure you have read it all before. I know I have, and yet we have managed to turn the internet into a world full of useless connections simply because we feel better about ourselves if we have lots of fans or followers.

World going Gaga

The world is going nuts over Lady Gaga. She has 10MM followers on twitter and I am not one of them. Am I missing out? I am notoriously disinterested in singers and actors, but I am crazy about digital and social, so I cannot possibly ignore Lady Gaga. Can I?

Fans are priceless

As Facebook is a social platform I believe we should first and foremost focus on how being a fan of a (brand) page impacts on attitude and brand equity. Most companies have Facebook pages now, so instinctively we must all know that having such a page somehow increases engagement and improves brand equity.

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