Social is changing SEO

Social media is changing the way our websites achieve rankings on the search engines. And it makes total sense. In the “old days” one of the game makers were incoming links to our website. All these links would count as a vote that our content was considered good enough, or relevant enough to be linked to. A search engine would then reward you by showing up your content first when a search was performed.

Social Likes help your Google Rankings

This principle still is the crux of SEO, but now the votes come in new, additional shapes and sizes. They are now also Likes, Tweets, Share buttons and Comments. They are true reflections of content being relevant to us and people like us, and search engines are changing their algorithms to reflect this. Google Panda update earlier this year was a clear message that content farms which send out links to anywhere are loosing their reliability and relevance. As a result the power of Article Marketing has reduced significantly. The introduction of Google + and the ability to +1 (like) a piece of content is a sign of the new shift where search results are personalised by this type of social data.

Content Participation

For brands this means an even greater incentive to create content that people are likely to Like, ReTweet and Share and +1. It gives consumers a much bigger voice over what is relevant to them and should therefore be served up higher in a search result. Creating a link back to a website has a high threshold, but liking or sharing content is a very easy thing to do. That is where social is so powerful and its value to SEO is becoming stronger every day.


This now means that an SEO strategy can no longer be seen as separate from your social strategy. They are closely interlinked and your ability to create content that people can participate in, and the level of engagement of your audience will be game changers for your success.


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