Why should I like you?

I read this article from Brian Solis today and wanted to share my take outs with you. Its an interesting view on whether we are as social as we think we are.

Before you go social

Before you you decide to venture into the world of social media as a company or brand, firstly ask yourself  “why should anyone “like” or “follow” you?  Different customers expect different things from us;

  1. Some just want some good old decent customer service;
  2. Some want freebies and discounts;
  3. Others may yearn for your leadership and insights.

Whatever it is they want from you, make sure you plan for some meaningful engagement around exactly that.

Beware of using the new platforms for old marketing. Give people a great reason to connect with you. Not just today but tomorrow as well. Create something for them to talk to their mates about and you earn the right to be a social company.


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