World going Gaga

The world is going nuts over Lady Gaga. She has 10MM followers on twitter and I am not one of them. Am I missing out? I am notoriously disinterested in singers and actors, but I am crazy about digital and social, so I cannot possibly ignore Lady Gaga. Can I?

I also don’t drink coffee , yet I follow Starbucks on facebook, just to stay abreast of their inspiring social strategy. Starbucks are executing a brilliant piece of marketing today by riding the wave of Lady Gaga’s new album release today. Stacbucks are giving away limited downloads to Lady Gaga’s new song on their Digital Network. How very smart. Lets wait and see how many new fans Starbuck will get out of this promotion, it appears people would be going gaga over this already.

I do feel a little left behind now on this whole Gaga-craze, so I will download a Gaga song tonight to “get with it” Any suggestions which song is the best introductio n to Lady Gaga?


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