Value of online connections

Our consumers are harder to find and reach these days as they are participating on so many different forums, blogs and discussion boards.

How to value our online connections

We try and connect with our target market by setting up facebook pages, twitter accounts and blogs. But are all these relationships of equal value? I see several ways to establish a relationship with our consumers or clients;

I believe email is still the most valuable touch point with our consumers. We all opt in for email and we are most likely to convert using this tool. There is something compelling about our email inbox… the need to action an email. The great thing about email subscribers is that you know who they are. That makes them valuable. Relationship marketing hinges on ‘what you know’ about your list.

Blogs are usually attracting a very loyal audience, people who want to be part of your community and will share with their own community too. But people who subscribe to your blog are very anonymous.

LinkedIn connections are a strong way to connect as it represents our professional network and through introductions we can be linked to potential new business partners, clients or employers.

Facebook is the place for our friends and our shared activities. We opt to join brands and their “pages” and a few of us may even engage with the facebook messages of these brands by commenting on it. However, a facebook news feed does not make me feel I have to act. Emails in my inbox make me feel like I have to do something, but scrolling through my news feed does not have the same effect on me.

Twitter is the least valuable to me. Twitter followers do not have a reciprocal agreement and due to the nature of following lots of people our tweets may have disappeared of the ‘chart’ by the time you decide to check your twitter account. What does it mean to have 1000 followers, exactly? How many of those engage and convert?

I would love to hear your thoughts on this,…


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