Shift funds to digital media

Internet marketing is gradually becoming a fixed feature of the marketing budgets in Australia and companies are spending their money more wisely by investing in Search Engine Optimisation to improve their rankings on Google and achieve top search engine placement.

According to an article in the eMarketer recently companies are waking up to the new trend and many are (may I say) wisely shifting their budgets from traditional to internet marketing.

e-marketer data on digital media spend
e-marketer data on digital media spend


Of the various internet marketing tools, many companies use a search engine optimisation service as a low cost way of ensuring they are found online for words relating to their products.

However, I find it surprising to see there are still so many websites that do not use website optimisation techniques in any shape or form. But online marketing is the future and it will be the defining way to compete in the future.

Many things have changed in the world of marketing but one thing is still the same; location, location, location. Now, however, it’s about your ‘location’ on Google. Where do you rank? Do the right ‘passers by’ (browsers) come past your store (website)?

In times where many companies are letting go of staff and are cutting down on (marketing) expenditure, it becomes even more important to spend your (marketing) dollars wisely.

If you are one of those marketers shifting funds from traditional to internet marketing, good on you! You will be guaranteed SEO will continue to be your key distinguishing factor and soon you will be miles ahead of your competition. Every chance some of your competitors are still resorting to expensive and untargeted advertising.


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