Shopper frustrations

In the last few years my expectations as a shopper have changed. From players like Amazon and Ebay I have come to expect a seamless and integrated experience, and I frustratingly note that this doesn’t yet translate to my shopping experience offline.

Products I find online I cannot find in-store and a friendly Target employee explains to me that’s cos they are two different cost centres and hold different stock. Its so happens I understand that, but I really don’t care. I want an omni-channel experience. I want to know that the prior research I do for the perfect night cream doesn’t go to waste the moment I walk into Woolies, only to find I have to start again based on what’s on the shelf here. Everytime I get an email from Woolies I wonder why they still target me with me Sprite on-special even though I have never bought that in my life, and whenever I take my 5 year old shopping I wish there was some sort of in-store game, maybe with Augmented Reality, to keep her entertained, and 9 out of 10 times, when the queue in my local Woolies winds through the entire store I wonder why I cannot scan my own products in the aisle so that when I am ready to go I just need to swipe my card and off I go.

Ok, so I am a digital pain-in-the-arse. But I know I am not alone. Digital technology is the answer to all of these frustrations and because I see them everywhere else in my life, I am puzzled as to why I don’t see them when I shop at the major retailers. Especially on my every day, mundane, shopping trips to the grocery store.

Digital can help me shop smarter, and it can help the retailer sell smarter. Isn’t that the simplistic name of the game? Retailers wanna sell more stuff to more people,… more often.

So the marketer in me has teamed up with a reputable consulting firm, Benchmarking for Performance  so that the frustrated shopper in me, can talk to category managers and retailers, to help them address the lack of digital at Point of Sale.


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