Social Media Workshop

Be part of the conversation about your business

Not sure how to align your social media strategy with real business objectives and goals? Do your employees need guidance in how they represent your business on social channels?

Engaging a audience is more important than ever.
Engaging a audience is more important than ever.

Social media is a powerful way to spread your business message through word of mouth, and understand first-hand what your customers really feel about your products and services. But it can also seem complex – how do you make sure your staff or social media partners create, use and manage the conversation on your various channels in a way that is consistent with your brand and marketing strategy?

This workshop is the answer. It’s ideal for small business owners and marketing managers who would like to create a strategy for their social media involvement.

Social media is a unique journey, quite different for every business, so this workshop will focus on your specific company strategy.

In this tailored half day workshop you’ll learn:

  • what is the role of social in your overall communication strategy?
  • which social channels are appropriate for your business?
  • what does ‘good’ social media look like?
  • which management tools best suit your marketing team?
  • do you need listening tools to better understand your audience?
  • what conversation topics do you have a right to participate in?
  • how do you measure your social efforts to check they’re worth the investment?
  • do you need a crisis management plan? What if a negative experience spirals out of control in social media channels?

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