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How Traffic Act approaches change

Businesses must adapt to compete—but change causes disruption that can spell disaster if it’s not properly managed.
Our Change Management service looks at every aspect of your business and the ripples your proposed changes may cause. Then we help you roll out those changes seamlessly, with your people, processes, and systems at the heart of it all.

Analysing the risk

The first step is always meeting with your key stakeholders to discuss the changes you are considering. We want a deep understanding of why this change is taking place, and what risks may arise as a result.

A digital strategy for success

Once we know where your business is heading, it’s time to build a digital change management strategy. This roadmap will bring your business from point A to point B and beyond as smoothly as possible.

Minimising pain points

Change can be a scary thing, but clear communication with those involved can turn anxiety into excitement. We’ll help you explain the changes to your staff and business partners, so everyone is on the same page.

Planning for the long-term

Digital transformation has long-lasting effects, which is why Traffic Act’s change management strategies include a long-term plan. We’ll make sure the changes we help you put in place are doing what they are meant to do and sustained well into the future.

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Are you rolling out new technology?

Traffic Act has helped countless businesses roll out new technology with minimal disruption

Change management process

We start with an in-depth interview to map out the vision and drivers of your upcoming change.

We’ll investigate what benefits this change could bring, and build a roadmap to realise those goals.

We’ll help you get key stakeholders on board, deal with resistance and ensure they share your vision for success.

Traffic Act will identify the best communication strategies for your business, and put strong processes in place to support them.

Along with the benefits, we’ll look at the risks and challenges that could arise from this change, and build a plan to overcome them.

Stay informed with regular updates, check-ins, and reports on how we’re tracking toward your ultimate goal.

Change management doesn’t end once a new process is in place. We’ll stick with you, ensuring that the changes you put in place stay for the long-term.

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What people are saying

  • Jen (under the banner of Tzu & Co) assisted the AWU in our digital transformation journey. We set out to become a more data-driven organisation and to that end we had identified several areas for improvement. Jen was first tasked with identifying all the requirements for our CRM and membership system. She identified and prioritised selection criteria and lead the RFP process for both the platform and vendor selection.

    During the implementation phase of the CRM she was faced with a hostile legacy provider and a workforce wary of implementing an unknown system. She successfully managed all our stakeholders through this complex process.

    Jen ensured the system and training was embedded and the cultural change was complete.

    We further endorsed Jen by asking her to lead our next project, which was a new website and portal which is now active and well received by members. Jen’s approach has provided great stability during these large projects. Her ability to explain complex technical issues allowed us to make informed decisions and her stakeholder management allowed everyone to stay focused on successful delivery.  

    Misha Zelinsky

    Assistant National SecretaryAWU

    Misha Zelinsky
  • Jen was the primary consultant on the change in Membership systems within the AWU under the banner of Tzu & Co. She managed all key stakeholders, who had different skills, experiences and expectations, during the tender and selection process and became the AWU's implementation Project Manager.

    She has worked tirelessly during the implementation to ensure that the best possible outcome was obtained for the the AWU while managing the varied expectation of users, managers and the implementation partner.

    The AWU will benefit tremendously from her efforts in ensuring that the Project remained on track and within expectations and I would have no hesitation from recommending her and her skills to any future

    Warren Kensett-Smith

    Financial ControllerAWU

    Warren Kensett-Smith

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