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How it works

Big digital projects can be intimidating. They take up your time, your resources, and your energy—and there’s no guarantee you’ll achieve what you set out to do.

Traffic Act takes the stress out of managing digital projects by doing the heavy lifting for you. We’ve helped many business and organisations roll out large scale digital projects, from ERP / CRM implementations to website transformations.

End to end Project Management

Collecting requirements

We start by interviewing the key stakeholders in your business to discover where you need assistance.

Plan out the scope of work

Traffic Act will build a scope of work for you, outlining what services you’ll need, a cost estimate, and a timeline for the next steps

Writing and Managing RFPs

We’re pros at writing RFPs that bring in the right talent for the job. We’ll help you write yours, then work with you to find the best vendor.

Project & Vendor management

Once you’ve brought a new vendor on board, you can relax knowing Traffic Act is managing their work flow, and keeping you and your stakeholders informed.

Project implementation

Once all the decisions have been made the project requires ongoing management and oversight to ensure people meet deadlines and stay on task and within scope.

Training & Launch

Getting ready for launch of any large project may involve large scale training and change for your teams. We ensure this is well planned for to ensure a low-risk transition.

When to outsource a project to an expert?

Managing vendors and stakeholders is a time-consuming process, and often existing staff simply doesn’t have the time to oversee a project from start to finish.

You can avoid the stress and chaos of a new digital project by letting an expert take ownership of the scope, budget, and roll out.
Traffic Act has helped business navigate all sorts of projects. Some of the most common are:


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What people are saying

  • Having worked with Jen on a couple of large projects of which one was a very large global packaging company, I have greatly admired her organisation, and ability to ensure everyone is crystal clear on the outcomes required. She is able to quickly understand the requirements of a client, and turn them into easy to understand yet detailed deliverables.


    I'd work with Jen tomorrow if I had the choice and would want her on any large project to ensure the full scope is collected, deliverables are met, and risk is mitigated. I highly recommend working with her, as you will get consistent output thanks to her highly efficient processes.

    Benjamin Marriott

    e-Commerce Business Analyst — Kudos Web (NZ)

    Benjamin Marriott
  • Jen (under the banner of Tzu & Co) assisted the AWU in our digital transformation journey. We set out to become a more data-driven organisation and to that end we had identified several areas for improvement. Jen was first tasked with identifying all the requirements for our CRM and membership system. She identified and prioritised selection criteria and lead the RFP process for both the platform and vendor selection.

    During the implementation phase of the CRM she was faced with a hostile legacy provider and a workforce wary of implementing an unknown system. She successfully managed all our stakeholders through this complex process.

    Jen ensured the system and training was embedded and the cultural change was complete.

    We further endorsed Jen by asking her to lead our next project, which was a new website and portal which is now active and well received by members. Jen’s approach has provided great stability during these large projects. Her ability to explain complex technical issues allowed us to make informed decisions and her stakeholder management allowed everyone to stay focused on successful delivery.  

    Misha Zelinsky

    Assistant National SecretaryAWU

    Misha Zelinsky
  • Jen was the primary consultant on the change in Membership systems within the AWU under the banner of Tzu & Co. She managed all key stakeholders, who had different skills, experiences and expectations, during the tender and selection process and became the AWU's implementation Project Manager.

    She has worked tirelessly during the implementation to ensure that the best possible outcome was obtained for the the AWU while managing the varied expectation of users, managers and the implementation partner.

    The AWU will benefit tremendously from her efforts in ensuring that the Project remained on track and within expectations and I would have no hesitation from recommending her and her skills to any future

    Warren Kensett-Smith

    Financial ControllerAWU

    Warren Kensett-Smith

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